Accuracy Rifle Systems has been rebarreling the Ruger Mini-14* and Mini-30* series rifles for over 20 years.  We start with the highest quality barrels and process them here in our own plant.  Past experience in manufacture of turbines, pumps and high speed rotating equipment has taught us how to maintain a stress free barrel as the excess material is removed.  Threads are cut to a minimum of ANSI class 3A thread fit.  Concentricity must be <.0003 total indicated runout from breech to muzzle.  Barrels are then polished to < 8 microinch finish.  After polishing they are hand lapped.  They are then fitted one at a time to either your action or a new action.  In the Mini-14* we offer twelve different calibers as well as four different chambers, just in the .223 Remington alone, to ensure that the rifle is perfectly mated to the twist rate and  ammunition intended for use. All parts are modified if necessary and mated to the rifle and checked.  Special propriatary jigs and fixtures are used to ensure perfect alignment throughout the complete system.  When you have ARS rebarrel your Mini-14* or Mini-30* rifle you are getting the experience that no one else in this particular field has.  When you have rebarreled over ten thousand  Mini-14* and Mini-30* rifles you learn a great deal.  We have even had our competitors send people with highly technical questions to us. There are other tricks that we do that are not mentioned here.  Crowns are of a recessed target type crown.  We have studied different crowning formats (17 degree, flat crown, radius crown) and find that they all will suffice if properly done.  Our crowns are recessed for protection.  Nothing will make accuracy go faster than damage to the crown.  All HB Mini-14* and Mini-30* conversions come with a cleaning rod guide to ensure that the crown is not damaged in cleaning.  We predominantly use Walther barrels but can use any manufacturer you might desire such as Hart, Kreiger, Obermeyer, Lilja, and many others.  
We offer different Mini-14* and Mini-30*gas blocks which are heavier and allow as heavy a barrel  possible with the factory gas system, while maintaining operational longevity and reliability.  We can also alter the Mini-14* and Mini-30* factory gas block set to a heavy system however the factory gas block will be 7% smaller in the gas takeoff area.  We will have our new balanced gas system available soon for the standard HB Mini-14* and Mini-30*conversion.

We simply don't make the claim that we are the best in the world with Mini-14/30* accuracy work that is just what 10,000 satisfied customers say.